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Viking Real Estate Group has assisted clients with all forms of real estate investing, from traditional active ownership opportunities to net lease based passive ownership. We base our recommendations for any real estate investment on the particulars of the client: their personal requirements, investment experience, risk tolerance, and financial objectives.

“active” real estate investing

Traditional real estate investing gives investors the potential for greater hands-on control of their properties. These opportunities run the gamut from single family rental residences and multi-unit apartment properties to office buildings and retail centers.

Our associates have:

  • Structured property investments for individuals, trusts, and corporations
  • Assisted clients with financing on purchases of income-producing properties

Opportunities for “passive” real estate ownership

Viking also has extensive experience with net leased based real estate assets, which provide investors access to real estate with an underlying variety and spectrum of corporate and non-corporate; credit grade and non-credit grade tenants all within the net leased arena. These are typically long term triple net or bond net leases with rental rate increases during the lease term. As such, these are potentially more passive in nature since the tenant is responsible for the majority, if not all of the upkeep, maintenance, repair and payment of operating expenses associated with the property.

Many of these opportunities offer potential for monthly cash flow with tax sheltering via depreciation and potential appreciation of the underlying assets.

1031 Exchange Properties

Section 1031 of the Internal Revenue code allows investment property owners to sell a property and defer tax payments by reinvesting the proceeds into a "like-kind" investment property (or properties).

For real estate investors interested in taking advantage of the tax deferred 1031 exchange, our associates have extensive experience. We can assist with the 1031 exchange process, including identifying and analyzing replacement property options and recommending a Qualified Intermediary.

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